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John Bardos
USA Racquetball Regional Commissioner
CNRA Board Member - Collegiate Program

Get information and help in starting a collegiate program, and to participate in our tourneys.



Sample Docs

  • The PDF versions have "blanks" where you can handwrite information.
  • Remember to add a "Remove" date, and not too far in the future; fliers w/o a remove data tend to get removed quickly.


Bottom line:

o         Find a school near you - we can help.

o         Get familiar with the Sports Club Handbook - rules to become a sports club

o         Fill out some paperwork

o         Get enough students to sign up

o         Go to the few required meetings 


Getting Started

Table of Contents

1 Summary. 1

2 Goal 2

3 Steps. 3

4 Example ~ Fresno State. 4

5 Free Money!. 5

1   Summary

We need a student leader and/or an adult to show up regularly, say once a week, to

o   Post fliers,

o   Meet and greet students who are playing,

o   Offer tips and tricks,

o   Encourage showing up to the Club Nights to meet new people and having more fun.

o   You will show up at least one night a week for the first two months of school, play some racqueball, have fun, give tips and tricks, and based on the students introduce skills and practice routines.

2   Goal

Start a Racquetball Sports Club. A Sports Club is an officially recognized group within the school, is key to building a program and growing the sport, and the official recognition provides many benefits from the school. Club Sport requirements vary across schools, but generally speaking ...

o   About 10 students to sign up for the club.

o   Designate students to be President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

o   One of the club leaders will need to attend an orientation meeting at the start of the year.

3   Steps

A key step is that the program be student-led. That is, the Sports Club director will likely require a student leader in any emails, meetings, and to complete the process of registering for Sports Club status. Motivation for the student: This will look great on your resume.

NOTE: This can be any student, they don't necessarily need to a racquetball player, just willing to step up and help, and have something great to add to their resume.

1.   Find on the Internet school(s) in your area.

2.   For a given school, find the Sports Club web site, and the Sports Club Handbook.

3.   Read the Sports Club Handbook, complete any required forms. A big component will be getting the 10 or so students to sign up to be a part of the club.

4.   Identify and attend any required meeting(s), and submit the completed paperwork.

5.   Create a flier - see samples - and post around the courts, recreation areas, and common campus areas. You will likely need to get the fliers approved for posting, or they will be taken down within a day or two; adding a "Remove by <date>" is a very good idea to keeping the flier posted as long as possible.

6.   Show up one or two nights a week, for the first month or two, to corral as many students a possible into the club - or even just showing up for club nights.  Once the club is up and running, you can minimize your time if necessary.

7.   We run three collegiate tourneys a year, so we are looking for that student-leader and/or adult to advertise, encourage, and round up students to attend the tourney.

8.   The Sports Club Handbook may require the following information

a.   That "The Club must be affiliated with a national or regional governing body" ...
That would be ...

b.   https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Racquetball which operates under the USOC
(United States Olympic Committee)

b.   and more specifically: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-racquetball/programs/college-racquetball

d.   and then "The Club must be affiliated with a league and/or conference" - that's the
WCRC conference: http://wcrcracquetball.org/

4   Example ~ Fresno State

Here's a start ...

  • You will need to get familiar with the club sports handbook; see below.
  • You will need to meet with the club sports director to get the paperwork for being a "club sport" ... Hopefully you can find that online and start filling it out ...
    I can't seem to readily find online the name and contact info for the person who oversees club sports; hopefully you can find that out; see links below.
  • Typically, you will need to get 10 or so students to sign up to be in the club. 
  • There will be at least one formal meeting with the club sports director and all the prospective club sport presidents.  You _must_ attend these meeting(s).
  • Bottom line: some paperwork, rules to be familiar with, get enough students to sign up, go to the required meetings ... Might sound like a lot, but once you get familiar w/ the handbook, it's "just" some paperwork and a few meetings.  
    This all looks great on your resume.

Web Pages ...

5   Free Money!

If you can go to a college or university, one night a week or so, and send us a few photos with fliers posted, we will cover the cost to access the facilities (e.g., membership fee) up to $50 / month.

That's a free membership! Well, sort of free money ;) but you're really helping out!

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