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Collegiate tournaments are all about teamwork and fun competition, and are one of the best ways to grow your game. All players will score points based on how they finish in the tournament, and all players will contribute to their team's overall success.

GET INVOLVED And Start a Program!


Our tournaments are easy one day tournaments, and we're usually done by the afternoon. We are using the "Pool" format for tournament play, which assures all players that they will play a number of matches throughout the day - win or lose!

Schools in the conference also scrimmage against one another regularly throughout the school year. These fun informal events are a great chance to play a variety of people, and to learn and try out new shots. Scrimmages include all club members - not just team members - and are a great way to involve more people and grow the racquetball community!

We are looking to help other schools, especially in Southern California and Reno, build programs, get involved in collegiate tournaments in their area, and get involved in the fun! If you would like to play in an intercollegiate event, or to get help in starting a club, contact the following people


John Bardos
USA Racquetball Regional Commissioner
CNRA Board Member - Collegiate Program


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