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Fall 2013, UC Berkeley


We had a great tourney back at Berkeley with a lot of very strong teams! The separation between 3rd, 4th, and 5th places was only about 100 points (!), and the overall spread across all the teams was about as close as it's ever been. Sacramento State and San Luis Obispo are here to stay with well established clubs and strong teams.

The Women's division had 14 women split into two good Women's A and Women's B divisions, with a lot of new players. Morgan Potter (Sac) in her first WCRC tourney won Women's II. Lindsey Raven (UCD) continues to win Women's I, but Sage Pitcher (UCSC) is very close - the rivalry will continue.

Two new Sac players made it to the finals in Men's III, with Nick Rheault (Sac) winning and moving up to Men's II. Alex Lavaud (UCSC) came from out of the blue (years of competitive tournament squash) surprising the rest of the draw by winning Men's II in his first racquetball tournament. Noah Johnson (Cal) was close to winning Men's I last year and has finally won Men's I at this tourney - congratulations on breaking through to the top.

Our next tourney is planned for Saturday February 8th, 2014 at UC Davis.



Division Results


Team Results

946 - UC Berkeley (Cal)
843 - UC Santa Cruz (UCSC)
630 - Sac State (Sac)
526 - Stanford (Stanf)
518 - San Luis Obispo (SLO)
425 - UC Davis (UCD)



Thanks to Marzia Miletto (Cal) for coordinating the tourney with UC Berkeley, and to Del Villanueva and Scott Cockrell for helping to run the tourney. And a big Thank You - Thank You to Margaret Pederson from the California Nevada State Racquetball Association for managing the USRA membership signups, allowing us to get the tourney started quickly.

-- John Bardos, Nov. 2, 2013

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