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Spring 2013, UC Santa Cruz


UC Santa Cruz benefited again from home court advantage to win their home tournmaent!  UCSC's success is due in good part to a strong turnout from their Women's team - winning 2nd and 3rd places in both Women's A & B.

Eric Aasserude (UCSC) finally won 1st in Men's A, having won Men's B 2011 @ UCSC, and Men's C 2010 @ Cal. Eric was a beginnger as a Freshman and won Men's A in his last tourney as a senior!



Lindsey Raven (UCD) completed the sweep this season winning Women's A at all three tourneys!

Fraser Brown (Stanf) played in her first tourney and won Women's B. Stanford fielded eight players and, with new racquetball courts, they are building a strong team.

San Luis Obispo (SLO) is new and improved with 5 people - a team! Their school has 6 new glass back wall courts, and we will be seeing a lot of SLO in the future.

UC Berkeley is the big winner - again - this season, winning the Fall and Winter tourneys, and winning the 2012-2013 Season. Cal continues to be the team to beat - year after year. Congratulations to Del Villanueva and Scott Cockrell for running a consistently strong program.





Tourney Team Scores

1182 - UC Santa Cruz
1089 - UC Berkeley
684 - Stanford
641 - UC Davis
332 - San Luis Obispo
167 - Sac State
92 - Berkeley Ext (only Allan Santos)


WCRC 2012-2013 Regional Scores

3629 - UC Berkeley (Cal)
3180 - UC Santa Cruz (UCSC)
1906 - UC Davis (UCD)
694 - Sac State (Sac)
1856 - Stanford (Stanf)
367 - San Jose (SJSU)
332 - San Luis Obispo (SLO)
132 - Golden Gate University (only Erica at UC Davis)
92 - Berkeley Ext (only Allan Santos @ UCSC)


Fraser Brown (Stanf) - WII 1st


Lindsey Raven (UCD) - WI 1st


Sage Pitcher (UCSC) - WI 2nd


Madeleine Kashiwagi (UCSC) - WII 2nd



Eric Aaserude (UCSC) MI 1st



Ronald Ramos (Cal) MI 2nd



David Bratt (Cal) MII 1st



Mike Marx (Stanf) MII 2nd


Michael Diaz (Cal) MIII 1st & Edris Bemanian (UCD) MIII 2nd


Tourney winning UC Santa Cruz Team



A big THANK YOU to Del Villanueva, Scott Cockrell and Chelsea George for helping out with the tourney!

-- John Bardos, Apr. 13, 2013

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