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Winter 2009, UC Davis



     921     - UC Berkeley
     755     - SJ Delta
     721.5  - UC Davis
     494     - Stanford
     436     - UC Santa Cruz
     165.5  - CSU Sacramento
     132     - UOP(Aubrey O'Brien)
       94     - San Diego Mesa
       34     - UC San Diego


Our very special guests where Jose Rojas, Dave Ellis, and Aubrey O'Brien
Jose and Dave ran a clinic on serve strategies, demonstrating lob serve techniques and strategies.
And Aubrey O'Brien ran a much anticipated women's clinic. We're very lucky to have the top
racquetball talent grace our tournaments, bring valuable instruction and experience, and help to
build collegiate racquetball.

  • Jose Rojas is a top pro player,
  • Aubrey O'Brien is a top pro player, and
  • Dave Ellis is the best racquetball coach on the planet!
-John Bardos
-Feb 07, 2009

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